It can get hot and muggy in the summers, so Ac replacement in High Point, NC, is a must in a new home. Given the advances in AC technology, even people who live in older homes without central AC might choose options such as a mini-split ductless system.

    AC Replacement in High Point, NC

    In other homes, where the air conditioning has seen its final days, a new air conditioning installation is in order. Whatever type of AC you choose, our HVAC professionals at J's HVAC Unlimited are ready to help.

    High Point AC Replacement Services

    A central air conditioner is a good option if you have a large house and want most of the rooms to be cooled. Central ACs work by sending cooled air through the ductwork and up into registers. Because central air conditioners can serve all the rooms in your home at the same time, the environment of the entire home is cooler and more comfortable.

    Ductless mini-splits use small air handlers that are usually attached high up on the wall. Instead of ducts, the air handlers are connected to the condenser/compressor by tubes. As many as five air handlers can be connected to one outdoor condenser.

    Window units are perfect if only one room or small space needs to be cooled. These are the simplest types of air conditioning systems to install. A heat pump is also called a hybrid system. It cools down your house in the summer then reverses the process and heats it in the winter. Heat pumps are popular in places where winters are mild.

    There are several types of AC to choose from, either for installation or replacement. They are:
    • Central AC
    • Ductless mini-split system
    • Window unit
    • Heat pump

    Most air conditioning installation needs to be done by an HVAC professional. Installing or replacing a central air system requires that our technicians work in your basement, crawlspace or attic as well as the rooms that are going to be cooled. They may need to replace old, damaged ductwork. They may need to replace compressors, fans and condensers, too. An HVAC professional also needs to drain refrigerant from a system that’s being replaced as well as add and test new refrigerant. Moreover, your AC system’s wiring may need to be upgraded to accommodate a new model.

    Superior Air Conditioning Installation Company

    Superior Air Conditioning Installation CompanyOur HVAC professionals at J's HVAC Unlimited have been serving residents of High Point since 2005. As a Lennox Dealer and Trane Comfort Specialist, we are pleased to be able to install and replace all makes and models of air conditioner. Whether you live near the beautiful Oak Hollow Festival Park or can see the world’s largest chest of drawers out of your living room window, you deserve to be cool and comfortable during our summers.

    For air conditioning installation in High Point, don’t hesitate to call J's HVAC Unlimited today. We can also help with AC repair and maintenance services.

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