Creative Ways To Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit

When you spend a lot of time enjoying the backyard of your Mount Airy, NC, home, you might want to hide the outdoor AC unit. These units are large and made of metal on a concrete slab, so they’re not the most appealing things to have in your view. Keep in mind that the unit needs at least three feet of clearance on all sides and above it so that it can release the heat from your home’s air. J's HVAC Unlimited‘s Mount Airy technicians also need to service the outdoor unit, and we suggest one of these three ways to hide it while still allowing it to be accessible.

1. Build a Lattice Wall

A lattice wall is a simple way to hide your outdoor AC unit. In the springtime, you could plant annuals that grow up the lattice. Morning glories, sweet peas, and clematis are some good options. The lattice should be placed on two sides, such as the south and west or east sides, which have the most sunlight.

2. Use a Privacy Fence

A simple four-sided privacy fence with a gate is another way to hide the AC unit. You could use vinyl, composite, or wood fencing. If you pick a chain-link fence, you could grow vine plants around it. They will climb up the chain link and do a good job of hiding the equipment.

3. Create a Cement Block or Pallet Planter Wall

Convert old cement blocks or wood pallets into a planter wall. This is a simple weekend DIY project. You could plant herbs, annuals, or even tomatoes in the planter.

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