Electric vs Gas Furnaces

When it comes to replacing your furnace, it’s important to find the right upgrade. Your options include electric and gas furnaces. Each option has pros and cons. The following information can help you determine which type of furnace will meet your needs.


Gas and electrical furnaces require professional installation services. Experienced and certified technicians know how to safely install furnaces. Professional technicians possess the knowledge, tools and specialized equipment for installation services.

Electric furnaces are powered by high-voltage electricity. Gas furnaces are powered by combustible gas. If the components aren’t installed properly, it could result in a carbon monoxide leak, electrical outage or injuries.


Electric and gas furnaces must be properly maintained to maximize efficiency. If you’re looking for a furnace that’s easy to maintain, an electric furnace may be right for you.

With each use, gas furnaces emit carbon monoxide. You’ll have to install carbon monoxide detectors. Both types of furnaces can develop cracks. In gas furnaces, carbon monoxide can leak through these cracks. When you schedule annual maintenance appointments with J's HVAC Unlimited, technicians will check your gas furnace for carbon monoxide leaks.

Pros and Cons

Electric furnaces offer several benefits. They are easier and less expensive to install than gas furnaces. The life expectancy of electric furnaces is up to 30 years. They work well in warmer climates. Disadvantages include less heat efficiency and higher energy costs.

The primary reason people choose gas furnaces is they have lower fuel costs. Gas furnaces can last up to 20 years. They operate well in cold climates. However, there are a few disadvantages to owning a gas furnace, including the fact that it can be more complicated and expensive to install gas furnaces.

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