What Heating Systems Are Best For The Environment?

Of course, you want your home to be warm and comfortable during the winter but not at the expense of the environment. These days, there are choices to reduce your carbon footprint and lessen your contribution to climate change while still maintaining a pleasant indoor habitat in the winter. Here are some of the best ways for heating your home while limiting your negative environmental impact.

Solar Power

Throughout large swaths of the United States, solar energy is a great way to power your home. There is a fairly large initial investment, but your energy bills thereafter will be significantly lower. You can even make money if you generate more electricity than you consume. If you have south-facing windows, you can also generate heat in your home by simply opening the blinds on sunny days.


Geothermal systems take heat from four to six feet beneath the surface of the ground and use it to heat your home. Even in the winter, this underground area can provide warmth. A geothermal system has buried pipes that collect heat while a compressor is utilized to send it throughout the home. For customers in and around Mount Airy, North Carolina, J's HVAC Unlimited can install this type of geothermal system.

Pellet Stove

This is similar to a wood stove, but it uses fuel from renewable sources. These include sawdust and switchgrass. Pellet stoves are also quite affordable, costing $2,500 or less. They don’t emit much in the way of air pollution and can heat a home of up to 1,500 sq. ft.

Masonry Heater

A masonry heater is similar to a pellet stove, though it’s much more compact. It burns wood but produces less pollution than a normal wood stove does. This is because it burns slower and makes more use of trapped heat.

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