How Do I Check My Home for Air Leaks?

Are you searching for air leaks in your house? Here are a few suggestions.

A Leak Detector

This method is best when the indoor and outdoor temperatures are quite different. Start by pointing the detector where you suspect there may be leaks. The detector will scan the area with a light. If there’s a leak with cool air, the light will turn blue. It will turn red for warm air leaks. The light color will not change if there are no air leaks.

An Incense Test

It’s recommended that you depressurize your dwelling on a windy and cold day for this test. Turn on fans in the bathrooms and kitchen, and turn off the furnace. Close windows and exterior doors too. Then, walk around your home with a lit stick of incense. Next, put the incense over the edges of doors, windows, vents, and wherever else you suspect a leak. You’ll know that you have an air leak if smoke is being siphoned into or out of your house.

The Hand Test

When the heat is on during a cold day, put your hand by the edges of exterior doors, windows, bathroom and kitchen fans, and air vents. You have leaks if you detect cold air exuding from the edges. This test also works near electrical outlets. It works especially well if you’re trying to locate bigger air leaks.

The Candle Test

Turn off your heat or air conditioning system during this test. This test works well for leaks that are smaller. Walk around your house with a lit candle to the areas where air leaks are suspected. These may be places such as near baseboards, phone jacks, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and crown molding. As the candle gets closer to the location of a possible leak, the light will subtly move around to find a small leak.

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