How Do UV Light Indoor Air Quality Products Work?

UV Indoor Air Quality Product

A great way to reduce harmful substances in your home’s air is to have UV lights installed. They’re placed inside your HVAC system and reduce the number of viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and mold spores in your home. UV lights are especially useful in homes where someone suffers from allergies.

What Are UV Lights?

UV, or ultraviolet, light is the same as the UV light the sun emits. It’s a natural disinfectant that cleans the air. UV lights have been used in medical, food service, and daycare facilities since the early 1900s. This light changes the DNA and RNA in small celled organisms, so they’re sterile and unable to reproduce.

While you could use disinfectants in your home, many have volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are a health hazard. These cleaners also only work on surfaces, not in the air you breathe.

How Are They Installed?

A technician installs UV lights either in the evaporator coil or in a duct nearby to it. The evaporator coil is where your air conditioning system collects heat from your home.

As humidity collects at the evaporator coil, it has a drain pan below it that collects water and sends it outside via a drainpipe. This area is an ideal environment for mold and other organisms to grow. If this happens, your air conditioner won’t be as efficient and your indoor air quality suffers.

Is There Maintenance?

You’ll need to occasionally do maintenance on your UV lights. The bulbs lose effectiveness over the course of a year and need to be replaced. When you have your HVAC system get its annual maintenance, the technician will replace the bulbs for you. You should clean or replace the air filter in your HVAC system every few months as well.

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