How Long Does Your Landlord Have to Fix Your Air Conditioning?

Tenant Rights in Mount Airy, NC

North Carolina is a state known for beachside activities and afternoons spent swimming in the pool or ocean. However, at the end of a long and hot day, you want to head back to your air-conditioned apartment. Upon returning home, though, you realize that the air conditioning unit isn’t functioning, and you want to know how long your landlord has to make the repairs.

The Basics

If your landlord has provided air conditioning in your apartment, this individual is then required to make any necessary repairs. You will need to give your landlord a letter indicating that the air conditioner needs to be repaired. Deliver the letter to your landlord by hand to ensure they received it. In this letter, make sure to indicate what the problem is and the fact that the lack of air conditioning is detrimental to you.

The Questions

While your landlord is required to make the repairs, North Carolina law does not stipulate a period of time in which the repairs must be made. The repairs are supposed to be made within a reasonable period of time, but this definition is arbitrary. If your landlord is not responding to your request, you may then need to consult with a legal professional.

Pursuing Legal Action

Keep in mind that your legal pursuit might not get too far if your landlord has shown that there is an active effort to get the air conditioner fixed. For example, your landlord might have scheduled a few appointments to get estimates. Let the lawyer know the ways in which a lack of air conditioning is affecting your health and your daily functioning to see if you currently have a case.

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