How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

AC Cleaning in Mount Airy, NC

Cleaning your AC unit isn’t exactly fun, but it’s important to keep it running smoothly. AC units that are dealing with blockage under the hood, whether in the condenser lines or fins, run inefficiently, which means a higher utility bill. Give your AC unit a good clean with these five tips:

Learn Your AC Unit’s Anatomy

A central AC system is made up of two components – a condenser and an evaporator. The condenser unit is the portion of the AC that’s located outdoors, while the evaporator unit is the part that’s mounted on the furnace. Note that most repairs to a central AC unit cannot be done as a DIY project. Contact a Mount Airy, NC professional to handle these complex and delicate repairs for you.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Your condenser coils and fan accrue debris over time. Depending on your area, the rate of debris accumulation may be quicker, which means you’ll want to clean the condenser coils more frequently. Wear work gloves and pick up large debris surrounding the condenser unit. This may include leaves, rocks, dirt, etc. If debris has clogged the coils, you’ll need to remove the protective panels or grills to reach the coil. Use a soft brush to clean the coils.

Clean the Refrigerant Lines

To start, get rid of any obstacles that might obstruct you from reaching the lines, such as filters and expansion valves. You can then use a specialized AC refrigerant line solvent to flush the lines. Solvents can dissolve the oil and any contaminants that have clogged the lines. It’s best to leave procedures of this complexity to a trained and certified HVAC technician. You should also consider a planned maintenance program from experienced contractors, like J's HVAC Unlimited.

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