How to Protect Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting in Mount Airy, NC

Outdoor lighting is a great way to spruce up your yard. However, outdoor lighting can also be a fire hazard and can also suffer damage when exposed to the elements. There are several things that you can do to help protect your outdoor lighting.

Think About Location

You may think that since your outdoor lighting is outside, that you will not have to worry about the elements. Rain can easily cause a wire to short out. To keep them from sparking, it is a good idea to keep your outdoor lights near your home and undercover. For example, if you have a porch light, you need to put it close to your front door where the roof can protect it. You can also mount lights to the overhang of your house. While this will not protect them 100% from the elements, it will give them some protection.

Only Use Lights That Are Rated for Outdoors

When you purchase your outdoor lights, you will want to ensure that they are rated for outdoors. Never put a regular lightbulb in your porch fixture. While it will work fine when there is no snow or rain, the minute moisture creeps in, you will have problems. Look at the lights you purchase, and it should have something that states that they are for outdoor use.

Use Outdoor Extension Cords

If you have outdoor lights that need to be run on an extension cord, you will want to ensure that you only use outdoor-rated extension cords. These cords are made to stand up to moisture and harsh elements. If you use a regular extension cord, it may short out and can cause a fire risk.

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