When was the last time you thought about your home’s indoor air quality in Kernersville, NC? Most people don’t give it much thought, but we believe every house should have exceptional air quality. After all, you spend a lot of time inside of your home. Shouldn’t the air you breathe in it be clean and healthy? Indoor air quality testing and services like HVAC maintenance and duct cleaning can help you improve your house’s IAQ.

    Kernersville Indoor Air Quality Services

    You might think your home’s indoor air isn’t dirty because you keep your house clean. While dusting and vacuuming help cut down on allergens in the air, a clean house doesn’t always have the cleanest air. There are many contributing factors to the quality of your house’s indoor air. These include the type of household cleaners used, the number of pets in your household, and the brand of paint on your walls. High humidity levels and existing HVAC issues can also play a role.

    If you’re not sure about your home’s IAQ, here are some signs indicative of poor air quality.
    • Nagging cold symptoms
    • Dry skin and rashes
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Dust buildup
    • Unpleasant odors throughout house

    If you have any of these symptoms, consider indoor air quality testing. Our experts use electrochemical sensors to detect airborne toxins and particulate matter in the air. IAQ testing can also determine if hazardous gases like radon and carbon monoxide exist. It’s also a good idea to do everything possible to keep your indoor air as clean as possible. Ways to do this include cleaning your ducts every 3-5 years and using indoor air purifiers. Air purification systems include small, tabletop, or room purifiers that plug into existing outlets. You can even invest in a whole-house air purification system that attaches to the HVAC system. What you choose will depend on your budget and air purification goals.

    Local Indoor Air Quality Specialists

    Local Indoor Air Quality SpecialistsAt J's HVAC Unlimited, we want all of our customers to have the best indoor air quality in Kernersville. You can count on our expertise to help you solve our air quality issues. Our NATE-certified technicians can recommend the leading air purification products to help you breathe easier in your home. Ask us about our duct cleaning services and maintenance programs to minimize the presence of airborne particulates. We’ve proudly served the community since 2005 with an A+ BBB rating. Our job is to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with our service, or we don’t consider the job done!

    We want you to take a fresh, clean breath in your Kernersville home. Call J's HVAC Unlimited today for more information about indoor air quality in Kernersville.