Is Air Conditioning Good for Your Home?

With modern air conditioning systems, a lot of thought is put into their effectiveness, parts, energy efficiency, and the air quality they provide. According to many studies, AC is the first line of defense in helping to prevent heatstroke and many other heat-related illnesses. J's HVAC Unlimited is happy to provide you with the benefits of air conditioning and why it’s a necessity in many homes.

Your Health Depends on Air Conditioning

In a climate such as ours where summers are long and humidity is high, your cooling system should be used regularly. This is especially important in homes with children or seniors that are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers also depend on air conditioning to reduce the humidity level and prevent breathing problems and allergies caused by pollutants outside the home. Dehydration should be a top concern for everyone. Using AC will help to reduce sweating, excessive loss of fluids, and other issues related to dehydration.

Your Home Depends on Air Conditioning

Without AC, you’re running a risk of having mold grow in your home and your air ducts. Once mold forms, it causes many health problems and can be incredibly expensive to remove, especially when black mold is found. Excessive heat and humidity can also cause problems with wood and laminate flooring. Other issues can include pet discomfort, insect problems, and overheating of appliances.

The Consensus on Air Conditioning

Air conditioning provides numerous benefits and helps us breathe well, sleep well, and enjoy spending time at home. J's HVAC Unlimited is a full-service HVAC company that offers emergency repair services, maintenance, sales, and installation of HVAC systems of all types and sizes. We offer free estimates and online scheduling services to satisfy our customers’ needs and are happy to help everyone in Mt. Airy and the surrounding area. We also offer specials that you can locate online to save you money. Get in touch with J's HVAC Unlimited today to schedule your service.