The Future is Ductless

Lennox Ductless SystemFor times when adding ductwork just isn’t practical, a Lennox ductless mini-split system is the perfect solution. Whether you’re adding a new addition to your home, building a standalone garage, or perhaps reconfiguring an older home, ductless is likely the way to go.

Traditionally, window units or space heaters were the solutions for new additions where ductwork is possible, but ductless systems are far superior. A Lennox ductless system will heat or cool the area more efficiency and effectively, and eliminates the safety hazards posed by older technology too!

How a Lennox Ductless System Works

A Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System is somewhat reminiscent of a traditional home split system: there is an indoor component and an outdoor component. Rather than connecting to ductwork to heat and cool your home, a Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System provides effective heating and cooling for up to five individual areas, all without the need for ducts.

The outdoors component of a Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System is a small, quiet unit placed next to your home. It is responsible for transferring heat to and from the outside air. Inside, an indoor unit circulates warm or cool air in each individual room. Depending on the system you choose, up to five indoor units can feed off of one outdoor unit. As such, a ductless Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System can be configured to heat and cool one area, or several rooms at once.

Mount Airy’s Lennox Ductless Experts

When you’re ready to utilize a Lennox ductless system for your latest home project, trust the professionals at J's HVAC Unlimited. Our expert staff has the knowledge to recommend and design the perfect Lennox ductless system for your configuration. Our installation process is highly professional, so your can rest assured that your ductless system will work flawlessly. Contact J's HVAC Unlimited when you’re ready to take advantage of a Lennox ductless HVAC system.

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