Oh No! Did Your Oil-starved Furnace Suffer Damage?

Furnace Damage in Mount Airy, NC

Every homeowner in Mount Airy, NC with an oil-powered furnace has the same worry — running out of oil on a cold night. The prospect of losing heat is bad enough. What many worry more about, however, is potentially damaging their furnace when it runs dry. Here at J's HVAC Unlimited, we’re often asked about the consequences to residential furnaces when they run out of oil. Here’s the answer.

What Happens to a Furnace That’s Out of Oil?

The good news is that your furnace won’t suffer any lasting damage if it runs out of oil. Modern furnaces feature safety systems designed to turn off their burners when there’s no oil to feed them. That means your biggest worry when running out of heating oil is finding a way to stay warm until you get your tank refilled. There are some additional concerns to keep in mind, however.

What to Do if You Run Out of Oil

There are some things you might need to do to get your furnace running again after it runs out of oil. Obviously, you must replenish your oil supply. After that, however, your furnace might need to have its filter replaced before you can turn it back on.

You may also need to have your oil line bled to remove any air that got into it when you ran out of oil. The process isn’t difficult, but it’s something you’ll want to leave to a qualified heating technician. Bleeding the air out of your oil line will help to ensure that your furnace burns the new oil properly. Failing to complete this step is one of the few ways you can harm your furnace when you run out of oil.

Don’t Run Out of Oil

It goes without saying that your best bet is to avoid running out of oil in the first place. You should always aim to replenish your oil before it drops below a quarter tank full. That way, you can avoid the hassle and discomfort of running out at an inopportune moment. Of course, if you forget, you can always call on the experts here at J's HVAC Unlimited for help. We offer complete heating repair and maintenance services, including the kind you’d need after running out of oil. We also offer heating installation, cooling services, indoor air quality solutions, duct sealing, crawl space renovation, and generator services. Give J's HVAC Unlimited a call today for more information!