The Pros and Cons of Space Heaters

On winter nights, there’s nothing like being warm and cozy. Space heaters offer a way for you to heat one area in your home without changing your thermostat. Before you buy a space heater, though, you should know what to expect. Here are the pros and cons of space heaters.

Pro: Reduce Utility Costs

Heating costs can rise substantially during the winter months. That’s one of the reasons that space heaters are popular. To maximize your savings, buy an energy-efficient space heater that’s suitable for your home’s size.

Pro: Easy to Install

Installing a space heater is quick and easy. After you take it out of the box, the only thing you have to do is plug it into an outlet.

Be sure to read the directions before you use your space heater. These directions will tell you everything you need to know about the space heater and installation process.

Once you’re done with the heater, you can store it neatly in a closet. A space heater is portable. This makes it easy for you to use it in another room.

Con: May Cause a Fire

Space heaters can overheat and start fires. If you have pets, flammable objects and small children, you should determine if owning a space heater is worth the potential dangers. Remember to use caution when you use a space heater.

Con: Requires Monitoring

Unlike your heating unit, you can’t just turn on your space heater and leave it alone. You must pay close attention to its setting, placement and usage. Never keep a space heater on overnight. Set up your space heater away from the wall and other objects.

Space heaters are a good investment if you’re looking for a secondary heating source. However, they aren’t designed to replace your home’s heating unit.

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