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“I was getting ready to go to a special family event and 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave, I realized that the air conditioning unit had frozen up outside , the temperatures were in the 80″s and the house was starting to get hotter than that! My immediate family was here overnight and I realized very quickly that they would probably leave before staying in the inferno at the house. I called J’s HVAC and they dispatched Keith Flowers to our house immediately. By the time we returned from the event, the house was cooled down and the problem fixed! I am very grateful for this quick response and wonderful service!!”

– Ann V. (Google Review)

“Big thanks to the J’s HVAC crew from beginning to end! Our heat pump kicked the bucket in late July at the ripe old age of 30. We woke up smelling something burning at 6:30 am, J’s returned our call by 8:30, and had a technician here by 10. Talk about safety – they sent texts to our smartphones with a picture of the person who would be knocking at our door! Knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, and you get CHOICES! We were able to make an informed decision about what we wanted to do. To top it off, they actually have a few “loaner” window units and portables. A portable became available about 4 days into the picture, and they brought it out and hooked it up for us. We had a new system within 2 weeks (no small feat in the dead of summer) and now we’re cool as cucumbers!”

– Sharyn Z. (Google Review)

“Yesterday was spring checkup time for our system. The office called early morn to let us know they were tied-up with an emergency system shutdown, and they continued to keep us informed. I’ve worked in an HVAC office myself in years past and know how disruptive this is to the work schedule. But, Nathan arrived informed, prepared, polite and ready for the task at hand. We asked him lots of questions just to verify what we know and what’s being done. Nathan’s answers were concise and his work was thorough. We have complete confidence in the people at J’s and their work.”

– Lillie H. (Google Review)

“Not many of my reviews get 5 stars. I think they are deserving of it for the totality of the job, service, and the system installed. Clean up was the only area where they need to do a little better. Everyone that has come to my home has been courteous, polite, and well spoken. I would recommend J’s HVAC to everyone.”

– Damon T. (Google Review)

“I am blown away by how well-trained and efficient the staff is at J’s HVAC. They answered all of my questions, explained everything in detail, and you can really tell that they truly care about their customers. I will never use any other HVAC company. From the technicians to the office staff this really is a great group of individuals. I highly suggest giving them a call.”

– Taylor R. (Google Review)