The Benefits of Electrostatic Air Filters

The air filter is a critical component of your heating and cooling system. If you’re shopping for a replacement, you’ll notice that there are many filter options, such as electrostatic, pleated and HEPA. The following are the advantages of an electrostatic air filter.

How do Electrostatic Air Filters Work?

An electrostatic air filter doesn’t need to be replaced unless it’s damaged in some way. You take it out of your HVAC system once a month, clean it and put it back. This makes them cheaper than disposable filters over the long term.

They have multiple layers of slotted metal that air passes through. Air molecules passing through create friction, which causes dust particles to become trapped in the filter.

Allergy Relief

This type of air filter is good at capturing pollen, animal dander, mold spores and dust. This provides relief to people with allergies or other respiratory issues.

Environmentally Friendly

Since they’re not disposable, electrostatic air filters are much more environmentally friendly than disposable air filters. Disposable filters end up in a landfill, which isn’t good for the environment.

At J's HVAC Unlimited of Mount Airy, NC, we’re quite familiar with all types of air filters, including electrostatic options. Our technicians can explain the benefits of each type of air filter.


Besides eliminating the need to buy disposable air filters, an electrostatic air filter is great at keeping your heating and cooling system from getting coated in dust. This saves you money as these systems lose some of their energy efficiency when they’re dirty.


If you use this type of filter, it saves you from frequent trips to the hardware store to buy more disposable replacements. You’ll be more apt to regularly clean an electrostatic filter as opposed to dealing with the hassle of disposables.

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