Understanding How an HVAC System Works

An HVAC system is a single appliance that takes care of all your home’s heating and cooling. It also works to transfer air inside the home to the outside. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, so this system handles all of these functions. Mechanical engineering concepts the appliance uses are heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. HVAC systems can be used in all sorts of buildings, including apartments, single-family houses, hotels, office buildings, and skyscrapers. J's HVAC Unlimited installs high-quality HVAC systems in homes and businesses throughout Mount Airy.


To heat the air, an HVAC system has a furnace, which is usually the largest part of the appliance. Possible heat sources include combustion, electrical resistance, and solar energy. The heated air is distributed through ductwork or pipes to warm your home.


When you want air conditioning, the HVAC system cools down air with its evaporator coil. The resulting cold air is distributed through the home. Refrigerant lines send gas refrigerant to the condensing unit where it is turned into a liquid. Once the refrigerant cools, it’s pumped into the evaporator coil where it’s transformed into gas again.


Ventilation is the exchange of air for better air quality. An HVAC system can help remove airborne bacteria, excessive moisture, dust, odors, and carbon monoxide. It also circulates air throughout the building and prevents air stagnation.

Types of HVAC Systems

Each type of HVAC system works in a slightly different way. The various types of systems include split, duct-free split and zoned. A split system has the components set up both inside and outside the building. Some modern split HVAC systems also have air purifiers and humidifiers. A duct-free split system heats and cools your home without ductwork. Zoned systems give you more control over which areas of the home are heated or cooled. They have dampers or control valves in the ductwork to help control airflow.

Let Us Install Your HVAC System

J's HVAC Unlimited can install premium HVAC systems like Lennox and Trane inside your Mount Airy property. Our NATE-certified technicians will evaluate the space to let you know what types of units are most compatible. indoor air quality, and preventative maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about our services.