What Should be Included in HVAC Maintenance?

Regular care and inspection are necessary to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently. Without proper maintenance, your system could be working harder than it has to, leading your energy costs to rise. It could also lead to high repair or replacement costs. Professional maintenance involves more than you might realize. Here are four things that are involved in HVAC maintenance checks.

1. Changing of Filters

The filters of your heating and cooling units are a very important part of your system, but, of course, they get dirty with use. This can cause your unit to perform poorly, leading to inefficient use and excess wear on parts. Inspection and replacement of filters are some of the easiest and most essential ways to keep your system in peak condition.

2. Thorough Inspection of the Complete System

An annual inspection by a qualified HVAC professional can detect any issues so that they can be addressed immediately. This can save you both money and frustration. You don’t want to find yourself without heat on the coldest day of winter. Nor is an unexpected repair or replacement something anyone wishes to face. J's HVAC Unlimited can provide regular maintenance to keep your system running great.

3. Cleaning and Removal of Debris

Dirt and debris can collect in multiple places in your HVAC system, leading to inefficient performance or worse. Things like sticks or rocks getting stuck in the moving parts of your system could cause a lot of damage. Regular cleaning helps to avoid this problem.

4. Inspections of Individual Parts

Your heating and cooling unit is a complex system made up of many parts. A qualified HVAC pro will take the time to inspect each one to ensure it’s working properly, that it’s clean, and that all parts are in good shape. Things like thermostat settings, electrical connectors, condensation drains, fuel lines, and exhaust outlets all must be inspected for any issues.

Reliable Service and Maintenance

As you can see, having a professional HVAC maintenance team that you can rely on is imperative when it comes to the proper care and function of your heating and cooling system. That’s why you’ll want to have a company like J's HVAC Unlimited on hand for regular HVAC inspection for your Mount Airy area home. We also offer other services, including duct cleaning, indoor air quality assessments, and heating and cooling repairs and installations. Get in touch to set up your appointment today.