What You Can Do to Maintain Indoor Air Quality

You’ve probably heard before that the air inside your home is worse for your health than outdoor air. In order to maintain excellent indoor air quality, you should have your ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years. In addition, you should also invest in annual maintenance for your heating and cooling system as well as an air purifier.

Have Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Every once in a while, your ducts need to be cleaned because dirt and debris gather inside. Dust in the ducts will be pushed into your home when the heating and cooling system operates. Odors that have accumulated over time in the ducts can cause a musty smell to circulate throughout your house as the system runs.

J’s HVAC Unlimited offers duct cleaning and indoor air quality services for residents of the Mount Airy area. We can pinpoint the causes behind your home’s poor indoor air quality to help you improve it.

Schedule Annual Maintenance for Your Heating and Cooling System

Your home’s heating and cooling systems each need maintenance at least once a year. We recommend heating maintenance in autumn and cooling maintenance in spring. Scheduling maintenance during these seasons lets us prepare your system for heavy use during winter and summer. With regular maintenance, the unit will be less likely to break down or encounter problems.

Preventative maintenance is also key to maintaining indoor air quality. Dust builds up inside the system, which negatively impacts air quality. During maintenance, we clean the internal components and make sure everything is working correctly.

Use an Air Purifier

Some heating and cooling systems come with an air purifier to further improve your indoor air quality. Air purifiers can be a necessity for people who suffer from allergies. If your heating and cooling system doesn’t have air purification capabilities, you can buy one to help cleanse your home’s air. Set up the air purifier in the most commonly used area of the house.

J's HVAC Unlimited is a top heating and cooling company that serves the Mount Airy area. You can count on us to improve your indoor air quality, repair your heating and cooling system, and correctly install new units. Other services we offer include duct cleaning, crawl space renovations, comfort zoning, and heating and cooling maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for improving your indoor air quality.