Why Furnace Warranties Are Important

A furnace warranty protects you should something happen to your furnace during the covered period. One thing to know is that there are two warranties for furnaces. Both are important to have.

Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturers offer a warranty that covers faulty parts. If a covered part breaks during the warranty period, it’s covered free of charge. The warranty covers the major components of your furnace. It doesn’t cover filters, electrical wiring or fan belts, for instance.

Most manufacturer warranties are for five years. In most cases, if you register the furnace, the warranty is extended to 10 years. You either send in a warranty card or register the furnace online.

Contractor Warranty

Manufacturer warranties don’t cover labor. Labor warranties are offered by HVAC contractors when they install a furnace. These warranties are very important because how the furnace performs depends on whether it was installed correctly. These are usually five-year warranties.

When a company is confident in the skill of its technicians, it will offer a good warranty. J's HVAC Unlimited of Mount Airy, NC, is confident in its technicians. We stand behind our work and offer a solid labor warranty.

What Can Void a Warranty?

Manufacturer warranties are contingent on your furnace getting regular professional maintenance. Should you need to use the warranty, you’ll need to show paperwork that you’ve had it tuned-up every year. If you need replacement parts for your furnace, you need to use ones made by the same company. You may be tempted to buy an off-brand part, but it could end up costing you dearly.

A manufacturer warranty isn’t valid if the equipment was improperly installed. This is one reason you want to use a solid heating company. Uncertified installation may be cheaper, but it will void the warranty.

Besides installing furnaces, J's HVAC Unlimited also repairs and maintains them. We’re also a full-service cooling company and have mold removal, comfort zoning, indoor air quality, generator, and crawlspace renovation services. Please call today to find out more or to schedule an appointment.