How a Backup Generator Works

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A backup generator provides you with peace of mind when the power goes out. You can keep food from spoiling, prevent pipes from freezing, keep some lights on and more when you have a backup generator. But how do they work?

What is a Backup Generator?

You use a backup generator when your home loses power. When it’s equipped with an appropriate switching device, it will start instantly during a power outage. Fuel options include natural gas, diesel or propane. You can choose how big of a backup generator you want.

You can purchase one that supplies enough electricity to power your HVAC system, refrigerator and lights. There are backup generators that supply enough power for your entire home. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. A backup generator has two main components: the internal mechanisms and a transfer switch.

Internal Mechanisms

We can install a backup generator in a convenient spot in your yard. The housing encloses an engine, alternator, rotor and control center. The machine provides electricity to your home when the power goes out. An installed generator is more powerful, safer, longer lasting and quieter than a portable generator.

Transfer Switch

The other main component of this system is the external transfer switch that is connected to the home’s circuit breaker. When your power goes out, there’s a trigger that tells the transfer switch to switch power from your utility circuit to your backup generator. This process is reversed when the utility is restored. The transfer switch makes it fast, easy and safe to change power sources.

Sizing and Maintenance

It’s up to you how big of a backup generator you want to have installed. You can select one that powers the essentials, or you can spend more to power your entire house. Whichever size you choose, it will need to be properly maintained. Oil and air filters require periodic changing. Contact us for the details on maintaining your chosen model.

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